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Building Back

As Mayor, I recognize the current and future challenges that are a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic. But COVID has also allowed us to think about the idea of “building back better”. It has given us new perspectives and new ways of looking at how to deal with challenges but also how to take advantage of opportunities that will help our city grow. COVID has driven us to think more locally. COVID has highlighted the importance of parks, trails and public spaces and the protection of our environment. It has shown us the importance of continued economic development, workforce attraction and investment in innovation and new technologies. As we begin to see a possible end to the limitations COVID has created, we must ensure that our decisions and path forward are designed to support our businesses and our economy, ensuring each of our citizens has the opportunities they need to continue living the best quality of life possible.

A Safe and Affordable City

I envision a Moncton where there are opportunities for everyone living and growing up here to not only survive – but thrive. When we take care of our most vulnerable and those most in need – everyone benefits.


Affordable housing is a serious issue in our community and I will not rest until we have done everything we can as a municipality, so that all Monctonians have the dignity of a roof over their head, and that everyone in our community feels safe. That is the outcome I am seeking.


We are seeing the social inequity in our community so clearly right now. Rents are rising and our most vulnerable are very visible in our downtown. Affordable housing is a very big issue in our community.


Not one single person or organization can do it alone. I know you’re just as tired of band-aid solutions as I am, so we need to work towards sustainable and lasting solutions. As your Mayor, I am committed to continuing to work closely with all community partners and the provincial government to create lasting solutions that solve the affordable housing and homelessness challenges in our city. I’m proud that Council stepped up in a significant way to do our part, with a $6M investment in Rising Tides (matched by another $6M from the province and another $3.4M from the federal government), a housing authority that over three years will create 125 housing units and provide the necessary wrap around services to affect positive change. Will this solve “homelessness”? No. But it is a step in the right direction and I know that many engaged Monctonians are committed to making this work.


Beyond affordability, we need to understand the mental health and drug use challenges throughout our city.


A safe and affordable city means:

  • We must ensure that we utilize the findings from the Social Impact Audit to achieve the greatest return on investment for every dollar directed towards areas of social inclusion

  • Monctonians have a right to feel safe in their city and we cannot rest until we find better solutions to these challenges.

  • We must continue to push the Province to fulfil their obligations and to work with all stakeholders within our community to find real and meaningful change

  • We need to achieve functional zero homelessness

  • No more band-aids!

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A prosperous and resilient city

I’m reoffering as your Mayor because I believe we need to continue the work we’ve started together to improve the economic conditions of our city so we can enhance the lives of all Monctonians. This means that we need to keep making decisions as a City that positively impact the health, wealth and happiness of every citizen, both for today, and into the future.


For me, a prosperous and resilient Moncton also means:

  • Creating conditions for a strong and diversified economy;

  • Addressing the challenges of our most vulnerable;

  • Celebrating our unique history and culture;

  • Respecting each other and our differences.

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A growing city

Prosperity for all Monctonians begins with a strong and growing economy. This is the key to ensure good paying jobs, low taxes and quality services for every Monctonian. We must encourage the conditions that allow entrepreneurs to drive prosperity through ideas and innovation.


A growing city requires us to:

  • Be open for business;

  • Reduce red tape;

  • Find efficiencies;

  • Grow our workforce;

  • Create a culture of “yes”.

That means we need to:

  • Create a regional approach to investment and workforce attraction;

  • Keep a focus on reducing red tape to ensure entrepreneurs can thrive;

  • Create a “Come Home to Moncton” value proposition to repatriate what I call “misplaced Monctonians”;

  • Encourage a regional approach to services – meaning looking for ways where we can save money and improve overall services for all Monctonians;

  • Foster a culture of “yes” – yes to moving our city forward, yes to building a stronger community, yes to local business and yes to families and youth.

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A sustainable city

Another key goal over the next four years is to continue building a sustainable city. This last year has certainly shown us all how important this is. To me, this is not only about protecting the environment and fighting climate change, it is about our long-term quality of life, competitiveness and prosperity. It is about being thoughtful and smart about how we invest in key municipal infrastructure.

Here are examples of key projects I want to champion:

  • Leading municipal reform in New Brunswick to make sure that cities, like Moncton, aren’t paying more than our fair share of services for citizens outside our city.

  • Reducing green-house gases (renewable energy and biomass projects);

  • Banning glyphosate in our watershed;

  • Investing in flood mitigation;

  • Increasing urban density and limiting sprawl;

  • Achieving net zero carbon by 2040;

  • further limiting single use plastic.

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A liveable city with a true sense of place and identity

As we prosper, grow, become more resilient and sustainable, I believe Monctonians want us to make sure we continue building a liveable city. Monctonians want to enjoy accessible and affordable amenities for sports, leisure and cultural activities. They want us to continue developing a true sense of place in our city, based on the development of a dynamic and vibrant downtown, public spaces, streetscapes and distinctive neighbourhoods.


Here are some of my key priorities over the next four years:

  • focusing on a safe and dense downtown;

  • creating community designations to allow us to celebrate our rich history while our city continues to move forward. Let’s create historic zones like Harrisville, Humphrey, Lakeview, Lewisville, Magnetic Hill, Sunny Brae, Tankville, Old West End, North End, Parkton and more to never forget where we’ve come from and to highlight for citizens and others our tremendous history as a city and a region.

  • advocating for the Shoreline trail (from Alma to Shediac);

  • encouraging public and active transportation options (better transit, walking and biking);

  • planting more trees.

We have an incredible community that has proven time and time again that we can surmount challenges and come out stronger than before. We have proven that we are a community that takes pride in our accomplishments and one that comes together in times of need. We are the economic engine for our province and the place that new residents and new businesses want to locate. We have an amazing city, filled with the very best people. We have so much potential.


On May 10th, I ask for your vote that we can continue the work of moving our city forward, together.

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